Jul 30, 2007

Fun on the beach!

Jul 28, 2007

Kids on the beach!

Kids on baga beach, Goa, enjoying ice candy.

Jul 24, 2007

Dogs on the beach!

Baga Beach, Goa.

Sunset Man!

Sunset at Baga Beach, Goa.

Jul 21, 2007

Somewhere in Ladakh....

Somewhere between Manali and Leh.

Jul 19, 2007

Beach, Beach and more Beach !!!

The beautiful St. Mary's Island again!

Jul 18, 2007

Sunset at Malpe Beach

Thanks a lot everyone for stopping by at my new blog. :)
Glad many of you liked the template as well :)

Sunset at Malpe beach, Udupi.

Petrol pump at the jetty!

Malpe boat jetty

Petrol pumps at the Malpe fishing boat jetty, Udupi.

Jul 17, 2007

St. Mary's Island

St. Mary's Island

St. Mary's Island just off Malpe beach, near Udupi, in Karnataka.
Its a nice place to go and relax for sometime but can get crowded during weekends.

Jul 15, 2007

Coconut on the beach!

Dry coconut on the beach!

Jul 13, 2007



Snapped on the way to Innsbruck, Austria from Munich, Germany.

Jul 6, 2007



Snapped near Chimony wildlife sanctuary near Thrissur, Kerala.

Happy times...

Father and son on the beach in Goa...

Jul 5, 2007

Walk to the castle

Walk to the castle
On the way to Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany.

Jul 4, 2007

Light bulb on the beach


Continuing with the beach series....

Jul 3, 2007

Garbage on the beach!


Garbage on the beach is always an interesting photography subject!

Jul 2, 2007

Sunset and Church


Sunset over St. Vincent Palloti church, Bangalore.

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